The Cartographer's Oar


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The first part of the 4 part The Cartographer's album has begun.


released January 1, 2011


The Cartographer's Oar was recorded and mixed at Octopus Sound Machine in the Winter of 2010.

Mastered by Daryl Pierce

All songs written by ARMSUP

Art by Chris De Jong

Sitar provided generously by Robert Braid

Thanks to everyone who helped create The Cartographer's Oar.

Thank you for listening.

NRP Records 2010/2011



all rights reserved


ARMS UP Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

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Track Name: Raheem
Taking off
breath through the clouds.
Dream of nights
with foreign sounds.
You knew you had to go there
since all your greenest days
spent saving monies
to fly that time that place.

Your sometimes soul
shakes up to go.
Your sometimes soul
lights up to know.

They're always asking me Where.
They're always asking me Where.

Going to Raheem?
Where are you going to Raheem?

it just ain't your day.
Too late
or early in someway.
show you know the truth.
Don't wait too long
to burn up your youth.

They're always asking me where.
They're always asking me Where.

Going to Raheem?
Where are you going to Raheem?

It's not random
you've been screened.
Sweat this pressure
a jumping dream.
yeah ah a ah
Mind please stay calm
heart stand down.
What's the problem man?
I just want out.

Raheem Raheem Raheem

Where are you going to?
The trouble you go through.
They're gunna move you.
They pick and choose you.

It's not too late to say You're sorry my good man
Where's your baggage? Put the chair down.
Do you under understand?

I've been stuck inside this cage for way too long.
Speak my language, I'm just here to see my mom.
Track Name: Into the Weeds
Dreamt I left the lights of the city
into the weeds we go
Past the tales of cold fear committees
keep some good people home.

Time does not speed up
I try and slow it down
Perception is so relative
so I'm on drugs when you're around.

Time bends my mind to
make more of it with you
do I control it or it controls me?

I think about it
all the time.


Into the weeds we go
into our lives of snow.
It's so cold when you don't know
which way the wind is gunna blow.
Track Name: Old World
Forget about the old world
you're here you're now you're allowed

to construct some vision
you've felt when you've seen through the clouds

Maybe not all of it
Maybe it's fragmented
Maybe you're not sure ah ah what they mean
When they say all of this essentially the same

looking on I see miles before me and everyday I get close to my grave
I hope they burn me I do not want to be saved
It's okay if you don't eat meat some of the days
Free food and free speech should be made
and served to me in every possible state

Forget about the old world
you're here you're now and you're allowed
I hope they burn me
I do not want to go down
everybody is running out of town
into the the soup of hornets from the sound